Creative art activities and games to enjoy at home.

Hours of fun, sensory stimulating art activities and games, designed specifically for young children with special needs. Simple, easy to follow instructions, explained clearly through photographs and video, using a variety of inexpensive, easily obtainable art materials.



Why I Have Created This Website
Hello, I'm Ellie.
I have graduated Cardiff Metropolitan University with an art degree. I have also completed my teacher training and am currently a Teacher at Battledown Children Centre in Cheltenham.  I have been working for the past 2 years, first as an early years practitioner, then a trainee teacher. Due to most children being unable to go to school because of the current global situation with Covid19, I decided to set up this website. Full of fun and creative activities, to keep young minds active, and help motor development.



Shaving Foam Marbling 

This is Emily, having fun creating some sensory artwork, relating to her school project this week of Safari animals.
Shaving Foam 
Food colouring or Paint mixed with water
Paint Brush 
Thick Paper
Cut shape of animal you want to print on to and set aside.
Spread a thin amount of shaving cream onto an art tray. 
Drop some food colouring onto the shaving cream and swirl in to shapes.
Take the cut out animal and press face down into the coloured shaving foam and lift off.



Vinegar/Baking Soda reaction

This week me and Emily, created some more sensory based artwork this time also using sound and sent, listening to the reaction of the vinegar and baking soda and the smelling the strong sent of the vinegar. 
Food Colouring 
Baking Soda 
Thick Paper
Sprinkle the Baking soda onto the paper.
Mix together a few drops of food colouring with a tablespoon of vinegar.
Use the pipets to drop the coloured vinegar onto the baking soda, watch it fizz. 
Scrape off leftover baking soda once the vinegar has been absorbed.


Sensory Tray Ideas

Sensory trays are an incredibly simple way to incorporate sensory play at home. They allow children to explore, discover, imagine create...

Squishy Colour Mix

Ingredients: - Paints (Primary Colours) - Clear Ziplock bag - Tape (preferably ductape) Method: 1. Open ziplock bag, keep on flat surface...

Spaghetti Painting

Ingredients: - Spaghetti - Boiling Water - Elastic or hair bands - Paint - Paper - Newspaper (this will get messy there is no avoiding...

Potato Prints

Ingredients: - Potato - Chopping board - Sharp knife (adult use only) - Paper - Paint - Paintbrush Method 1. (Adults) cut the potato in...

Simple Slime

Ingredients: - Cornflour - Water - Food colouring (optional) - Bowl - Spoon Method: 1. (if using food colouring) mix a few drops of the...

Ice painting

Ingredients: - An ice tray - 1 Tbsp flour - Food colouring - Lolly/craft sticks - Paper Method: 1. Fill your ice tray with water, pour...

DIY Play Dough

Ingredients: - 1 cup flour - 1/2 cup table salt - 2 tbsp cream of tartar - 1tbsp oil - 1 cup boiling water - Food colouring Method: 1. In...

Puffy Paint

Ingredients: - Glue - Shaving cream - Food colouring - Ziplock bag - Scissors Method: 1. Add an equal amount of glue and shaving cream...

Taste Safe Blocks

Ingredients: - Clear gelatine powder - Boiling water - Food Colouring - Parchment/wax paper - Containers Method: 1. Put the gelatine...


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