Puffy Paint


- Glue

- Shaving cream

- Food colouring

- Ziplock bag

- Scissors


1. Add an equal amount of glue and shaving cream into a bowl

2. Add the food colouring of your choice and mix well

3. Put mixture into a ziplock bag

4. Make sure the bag is closed and cut a small piece of the corner off.

5. Squeeze the paint through the hole

Benefits of Puffy paint:

Puffy paint is messy play which encourages children to use their senses to explore, touch, smell, taste (even if it dosn't taste nice) children learn through experimentation and discovery, messy play gives them a chance to explore new textures and manipulate different materials through touch. Puffy Paint also helps the development of fine motor skills. scooping squeezing and smearing are all actions which help the development of muscles in the hand.

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