Taste Safe Blocks


- Clear gelatine powder

- Boiling water

- Food Colouring

- Parchment/wax paper

- Containers


1. Put the gelatine powder into a bowl

2. In a separate bowl, Measure 3/4 of the indicated amount of water ratio and add a drop of food colouring.

3. Pour into the bowl and mix immediately or the gelatine will clump up.

4. Line the container with parchment paper and pour mixture in.

5. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

6. When the gelatin is firm, pull the wax paper out of the container and cut into large blocks.

It is a good idea when your child is playing with taste safe blocks to not have this activity on the floor, but on a shower curtain or wipeable mat, or even in the bath.

Benefits of Taste Safe Blocks:

Not only is this a fun activity but there is a lot of learning going on at the same time. Taste safe blocks encourage the exploration of different shapes and colours. This is sensory messy play which is great for the child to explore using their senses, taste, touch, smell.

This activity also helps pre writing skills. The child will develop their fine motor skills by grasping, squeezing and dropping the blocks, using there hand muscles. The pincer grip is something to encourage, this is the use of pointing finger and thumb to pic up an object.

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