Ice painting

Updated: May 6, 2020


- An ice tray

- 1 Tbsp flour

- Food colouring

- Lolly/craft sticks

- Paper


1. Fill your ice tray with water, pour the water into the bowl (to allow the correct amount of water)

2. Whisk the flour into water

3. Add food colouring

4. Pour into ice tray

5. Place in the freezer with a lollystick in each ice cube.

6. Wait preferably 24 hours to use.

Benefits to Ice painting:

This activity is great fun and simple to prepare. Your child will explore the process of mixing different colours. The use of the ice lolly stick will help to develop fine motor skills as it is only slightly thicker than a pen, therefore is perfect for practicing pre writing skills. There will also be experimentation with different senses such as touch, holding the ice resulting in it melting, due to the temperature of ice their sensory awareness will be high


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