Sensory Tray Ideas

Sensory trays are an incredibly simple way to incorporate sensory play at home. They allow children to explore, discover, imagine create and learn all whilst exploring there senses. Sensory play is so important to develop from an early age as it builds nerve connections in the brain's pathways. sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving and social interaction.

- garden sensory tray

The perfect introduction to gardening and mini beasts. In this tray they can practice digging holes and planting things. Use soil toy insects possibly flower bulbs

- Pond sensory Tray

Possibly use water beads, if not water will work. Toy frogs would help set a pond theme or rubber ducks

-Rice or pasta sensory Tray

Different dyed colours of rice or pasta, and scoops or spade this stimulates touch and sound. its sometimes nice to put instruments such as tambourines in there for the rice to bounce of creating a soothing sound.

-Animal washing station.

especially during this pandemic it is so important to teach children the importance of washing their hands. An animal washing station may help remind them. all you need is soapy water and some plastic toy animals. this could also work as a carwash

- Flour sensory Tray

a tray with a bag of flour and some tools such as a sieve and spoons could keep your children occupied for hours, however this will get messy.

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