Simple Slime


- Cornflour

- Water

- Food colouring (optional)

- Bowl

- Spoon


1. (if using food colouring) mix a few drops of the food colouring with the water and stir well

2. Pour some cornflower into bowl or tray

3. Slowly add water and food colouring into the bowl and mix it with your hand. (if it becomes too runny, just add more flower)

Benefits of simple slime:

If you have a large tray to mix the slime in and put it on the floor, children like to not only use there hands to play with the slime but there feet to, feeling it squelch between their toes. Playing with slime and stimulating several different senses at once enables children to build their creativity and learn through exploration.They also develop fine motor skills when trying to grasp the slime as it trickles through their fingers.


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